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Troubleshooting DNS Problems

I have 4 active web hosting accounts now and sometimes, managing them consumes so much of my time I can’t even update my own sites. Recently in my Virtual Private Server (VPS) account, my site Technology Talks has experienced (and could still be experiencing) a DNS Error (not resolving properly). Related Posts:Another Web Hosting Plan […]

Another Web Hosting Plan for Wife and Team

I have been somewhat lazy to blog these past couple of weeks due to my workload offline. The truth of the matter is I have come up with a team of proxy blogger-wannabes to fill in my shoes while I was away or just feeling tired to work in front of my laptop. Related Posts:Troubleshooting […]

Good Web Hosts For Your Websites, Blogs and Forums

If you ever intend to build websites, blogs or forums, you should study carefully the offers of web hosting companies. This is to ensure that your needs are met in the end or else you will only regret purchasing a web hosting plan with them. Related Posts:Find the Best Web Hosting Service by Reading Company […]

Purchased Another Cheap Web Hosting Plan for Business

More than a week ago, I got another cheap web hosting plan for some of my new sites, friends’ sites and business partners. One of my offline projects is an official website of a town in Ilocos Norte. Another one being designed is a buy-and-sell website (cars, SUV’s, Vans, etc.) which I’m itching to finish […]

Find the Best Web Hosting Service by Reading Company Ratings

I was scheduled to get a new web host two or three weeks ago but the weather was not so cooperative. My internet connection went down for days and I got a bit sick (until now). I have new projects offline – websites for a hotel and an Auto Shop owned by a friend. Likewise, […]

Troubleshooting Server Overload Problems

For the past 3 days, I’ve been troubleshooting some server problems, specifically MySQL database errors. First of all, my web hosting plan hosts 10 sites, 5 of which are WordPress blogs. I have been observing the behavior of my WordPress blogs for the past two months. It’s not easy to troubleshoot 5 blogs especially if […]

Reselling Web Hosting Plans

Recent days have been very difficult for me. Finding balance between multiple functions offline and online is starting to take its toll on me. Some of you, regular visitors and readers must have noticed that I haven’t been active online as I used to be. This is because I have this bold intent to resell […]

Finding a Good Web Host for Your Website Is NOT a Walk in the Park

Finding a web host for your website is truly a task not for the faint-hearted. In my case, I have tried one host already (not a significant number compared to others who have tried 10!). However, based on my readings and initial study of choosing a web host, hundreds of website developers and owners regret […]