Hospitalization Costs in the Philippines Are Far Too High

After publishing my last post “Back From Outer Space“, I got sick again. The article was written at 4am and starting at 6am, I was vomiting every 5-10 minutes. This lasted for 12 hours and almost dehydrated my body to the point that I cannot even stand up straight and life my own  weight. I have hyperacidity and I believe the sickness was triggered by me drinking cold water at 5am with an empty stomach. At 6pm, Jen rushed me to the hospital and was immediately injected with an IV + vitamins.

The hospital I was rushed in to is a private hospital in our town in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. I  stayed there for one day only but was charged for 2 days because I wanted to be discharged at 6pm the following day (which was past the 12 noon “checkout time”). The reason why I wanted to be discharged was not because I was feeling better. In fact, until today I’m not feeling 100% ok. The real reason is the exorbitant charges of private hospitals to patients. For one day only, I was given 3 IV’s and a few tablets and caplets for hyperacidity and fever. You know how much I paid for them? A whopping PhP 11,530! Truly, hospitalization costs in the Philippines are far too high than they should be. This is expensive even for affluent families let alone for a poor blogger like myself.

I just got curious about my hospital bills because the two previous times I got hospitalized, we went to a public hospital and did not spend more than PhP 5,000 for a combined total of 9 days (7 days the first time and 2 days the second time). The nurse on duty obtained the partial bill and I almost lost consciousness when I saw the total. I asked the nurse if they had operated on me or if I had a caesarean section delivery, which would have logically explained why I incurred that amount in 24 hours. The nurse was laughing because it was not the first time she saw that kind of reaction. I told her “I’m going home” right there and then even if they were hesitant to release me. For what? So I will be charged PhP 11,000 more for another day of staying in a room ventilated only by a rusty ceiling fan? WTF! I went home with the last IV still injected in me and Jen removed it (this time it’s free) when it was emptied after 4 hours.

Hospitals Photos

Now I know firsthand why health care in the Philippines sucks and why many patients die not of disease or sickness but of high hospital bills that are guaranteed to raise your blood pressure to a fatal point.

Health Tip and Moral Lesson: DON’T GET SICK!

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7 Comments on “Hospitalization Costs in the Philippines Are Far Too High”

  1. Sad to know you got sick again. Hard enough to be ill, but be charged with such amount just by being in a hospital bed with a drip and some pills, is really appalling!

    What you said are sooo true!

    Anyways, hope you are feeling great by now!

    Take care always!

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  2. Hala! Kawawa ka naman sa mga photos mo Kuya!

    I only had one IV but my asthma meds were very expensive. For one night, I paid PhP 10, 630. My second trip to the hospital for hypertension cost me more than Php 5, 000, one night lang din eto. Ayokong magtagal kasi ang mahal talaga!

  3. Kumusta? Hope okay ka na and you’ve fully recovered na.

    Fren, lalo kang pumayat. Sabi ko naman sa yo mag do-donor ako ng fats, haha!

    Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true.

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  4. hope you’re fine now, jessie! mahal talaga magkasakit!

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  5. Helo Master, i agree mahal talga ang hospitalization dito sa Pinas. Halos kalalabas lang din ng father ko sa hospital, imagine 2 ang medical insurance ko may excess pa akong binayaran na 7500++++ in just 3 days naubos nya na IV is 15 bottles. Bawal talaga magkasakit now kaya ingatan mo sarili mo ha? GOD BLESS!

    bing’s last blog post..Missing the Old days!

  6. grabe ang mahal! para ka nang nanganak nyan ah…
    take care always…

    shiera’s last blog post..Thank you, President Cory

  7. it’s been many months already. ano na balita dyan?

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