Back From Outer Space

Mathe told me in one of her emails that it’s good that I’m “back from outer space”. She’s probably right. It took a while before I even got into the rhythm to update this blog (more than a month). My last blogging hiatus between May-June was so far the longest in my recollection. I have to admit that at some point I wanted to really say goodbye to blogging and start a new life without thinking about my online tasks but here I am again. Old habits really die hard, dudes.

If you have commented here during my long break from blogging, your comments must still be in the moderation queue right now. I have to sift through these comments before approving them. Unfortunately, when I logged in to admin page of this site, someone (who is allegedly from India) was throwing F words to me for not approving his comments and accused me of hijacking his browser not knowing that I have disabled the right-click function in this site using a legitimate and clean javascript. He was also telling in one (of the many) comments he posted that I was spreading viruses using javascripts. WTF! We really can’t please everyone especially the ignorant. The guy was obviously building some backlinks for his site because he was furious about not seeing his comments in this blog (which will not show unless I APPROVE IT). Yeah I checked his site and found out that he really needs backlinks because he didn’t update it for more than two months. However, the nameless, shameless, faceless guy still got the nerve to post comments in other people’s sites to earn backlinks he doesn’t deserve. What a spammer. A classic, really.

There. I will approve your comments (if they are courteous, non-malicious, non-spammy and relevant). You really don’t have to be impatient when an author does not approve your comment/s. Why would any individual like the commenter I mentioned freak out if I did not intentionally approve his comment? Well, I should have if he was patient enough to wait for my approval during my return. This is my site and only I have the right to approve or delete comments at will. At present, the comment count stands at 459 and increasing. I’m not sure how many of these are spams or legit. Tomorrow I will be able to determine the number but for now, legit commenters need to wait for a while before seeing their comments here.

Also, what happened during my 1 month+ break taught me a lot of things (online and offline). It started when I got sick and was so afraid that I contracted the Influenza A(H1N1) virus on May 4. To sum it all here are what happened during the longest vacation online:

  • May 4-14: Got Sick
  • May 15-June 7: Moved In to a New and Bigger Apartment
  • May 16-June 5: Purchased 4 More Web Hosting Plans and Migrated 8 Websites (also purchased a truckload of headaches and a factory of heartaches along with these purchases)
  • May 30-31: Got Sick Again
  • June 1-9: Scouted for a Lot for Sale in Ilocos Norte
  • June 10: Hammered My Finger in an Attempt to Fix the Kitchen. Ouch!

If I were to blog all things that happened from May 4 up to present, I will be able to come up with 200 articles minimum covering a wide variety of topics from “how to avoid contracting the flu virus“, “managing VPS accounts in Goddady and InMotionHosting“, up to “how not to hammer your finger when fixing your home“. If you’re interested in any of these topics, come back here in a few days and I’ll start discussing them one by one based on firsthand account. :-)

Lastly, I’d like to thank Eric, Kathy, Dave and Jen (most especially) for constantly updating The Reporter, Kokey Gadgets and Technlogy Talks during my absence. Some of these sites are presently “suffering” due to technical reasons but they should have suffered more without these guys who did not get tired of listening to my voice during long lectures and instructions. I just wish they won’t ask money before the end of this month. Hehehe!

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14 Comments on “Back From Outer Space”

  1. Welcome back Jessie, I’m still interested in the free hosting, pero papaano pag magkasakit ka uli? Dumbo pa naman ako talaga sa mga computer lingo..he he he…

    I hope tuloy-tuloy na ang paggaling mo. All the best.

    Jena Isle’s last blog post..“Missing the Bus” – 21st Story for the Inspirational Book

    jessie reply on June 15th, 2009:


    Ok lang. I’ll give you one as part of my birthday celebration on the 19th. You just have to ask someone to transfer the contents of your blog to the new one since I cannot accommodate more workload. I am maintaining 26 websites now, 6 servers and currently developing 4 websites for business. I will give you the login details if and when you purchased your own domain name. Contact me thru YM and we’ll talk more.

    jessie’s last blog post..Vornado Zippi Fan FA1-0007 Review

  2. Good to have you back, dear Jess; and good to know you are better!

    It’s sad about people like that guy you mentioned. You do come across with inconsiderate beings every now and then.

    Ingat lagi!

    Sheng’s last blog post..Aborted Travel Plans Due To Swine Flu

    jessie reply on June 15th, 2009:


    Thanks for the visits my friend. I was checking on my Shoutbox and you never failed to visit even during my absence. Oo nga nagulat ako sa mga comments nung balikan ko tong blog na to dahil nagmumura yung guy eh hindi ko naman sya kilala and I’ve never been to his site ever before. Mga spammers kasi eh.

    jessie’s last blog post..GE Cordless 5.8GHz Triple Handset Phone System with Digital Answering System Price and Features

  3. Fren, glad to see you back online. Pareho tayong nagkasakit. Okay itong mga ipo-post mo ah, parang interested ako sa how not to hammer your finger when fixing your home heheh

    Amor’s last blog post..Outdoor Fun

    jessie reply on June 15th, 2009:

    hay naku fren very interesting yang topic na yan. kapupulutan ng magandang aral ng mga kabataan. Hahaha!

    jessie’s last blog post..GE Cordless 5.8GHz Triple Handset Phone System with Digital Answering System Price and Features

  4. Hay naku, kuya! Pareho tayo! Got sick recently. Had two trips at the hospital in a span of less than a week.

    It’s so great to read some updates here. Happy new apartment, hehe! And before I forget, Advance happy birthday!

    jessie reply on June 15th, 2009:


    Thanks! Ewan ko ba. Nagiging sakitin yata ang maraming bloggers ngayon. lol!

    jessie’s last blog post..Formula Used By BMR Calculator

  5. Welcome back nga rin pala! ;-)

    jessie reply on June 15th, 2009:

    This time, I’ll update more often. Mga 3-4 times a week siguro. Hehehe!

    jessie’s last blog post..September 2008 Philippine Bar Exam Results A

  6. Master gusto ko yong tip ng ” how not to hammer your finger when fixing your home” heheheheh! Kidding aside, am glad your back, na miss ko na yong mga post mo…promise!

    bing’s last blog post..Pandemic!

    jessie reply on June 15th, 2009:


    Namiss ko rin kayong lahat. At any rate, I just got out of the hospital again. Kauuwi ko lang yesternight. Huhuhu! Medyo tumatanda na talaga tayo.

    jessie’s last blog post..Vornado Zippi Fan FA1-0007 Review

  7. […] « Back From Outer Space […]

    Ayan, kinantahan na kita ha! Magpapakain ka ba, Kuya? Hehehehe!
    Wala akong load kaya di kita mababati sa text ;-) Pasaload naman dyan, hahahahaha!