Ukay-Ukays in Baguio City: Good Sources of Cheap Imported Items

Baguio City is not only known to many Filipinos as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. In fact, most Pinoys from the North know Baguio City as the Ukay-Ukay Capital of the Philippines. Everywhere you go, it’s almost impossible not to see an Ukay-Ukay store inside a building or along the sidewalks.

These Ukay-Ukays are a big hit to Pinoys and foreigners especially these days of global recession. These stores showcase imported clothes, shoes and other personal stuff sold for low low prices. Most of these items are second-hand though. Also, if you are a shopper and happen to be in Baguio City, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to stay in Ukay-Ukays a little bit longer. The good stuff sold in most Ukay-Ukays are mostly beneath the heaps of clothes so it will take some time “digging” into the pile of clothing to get to the finest items.

Some photos of fairly organized Ukay-Ukays can be found at Mines View Park where my wife and I shopped for some souvenir items before going back to Laoag City after a two-day trip there to file an application for a Professional Nursing License.

If you’re going to Baguio City for a short break, you might want to read my article on Where to Stay in Baguio City: An Update on Things to Consider. The article discusses some tips on traveling to the place known for its cold climate (but not always these days, kudos to global warming).

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6 Comments on “Ukay-Ukays in Baguio City: Good Sources of Cheap Imported Items”

  1. So you’re buying at UK fren? Sosyal! Mga foriegn friends ko dito mahilig din sa UK hahaha. Ako minsan nakikisilip lang kaso diko ma take ang amoy. Ano ba tawag sa chemical na naamoy mo sa UK shops Fren? Allergic ako nun katagalan. Galit nga lola ko sakin dati kasi diko siya masamahan dati nang matagal nung nasa Pinas na ako lol.

    Joyoz’s last blog post..Thank you for all the wishes and greetings

    jessie reply on June 15th, 2009:


    Mga amoy ng fiber at deodorizers yung mga yun. Ako rin madalas bumabahing ako if I smell those.

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  2. Naku fren, gusto ko sanang pumunta sa mga UK shops na yan, pero honestly wala akong nakita. Akala nga ni Sean talagang pupunta ng UK, kung sasakay daw kami ng airplane, hehe.

    Marami pala sa Mines View? Nung pumunta kasi kami dun, ilang minutes lang umulan na so hindi na kami nakapamasyal sa mga stores doon.

    Amor’s last blog post..Happy Mother’s Day

    jessie reply on June 15th, 2009:


    Oo marami sa Mines View. Mula dun sa bukana ng park hanggang dun sa baba (both sides (left and right). Sinabi mo sana kay Sean na nasa UK na kayo pag andun na kayo sa mga shops. Hehehe!

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  3. Famous nga talaga ang Baratillo sa Baguio, Kuya…

    jessie reply on June 15th, 2009:


    Sinabi mo pa. Maraming magagandang items dyan sa mga baratillo shops na yan. Mura pa. :-)

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