Where to Stay in Baguio City: An Update on Things to Consider

When going to Baguio City, the first thing that comes to mind is Where to stay there. I have already published one article about this before (during the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam) but before deciding where to stay, you might want to consider the following tips and things to consider:

Purpose of Your Travel

If your purpose in going to Baguio City is to relax, enjoy the view and you are alone, you might settle in cheap hotels there along Session Road (Hotel 456 or Nido Hotel). The rates are affordable (Php400-600 per day) but with minimal facilities. If you are sensitive, try Prime Hotel or Pines Hotel and get the cheapest rooms. If you want to stay away from the city, you might ask the taxi driver to take you somewhere in Aurora Hill. Usually, taxi drivers gain commissions from transient referrals.

Number of Individuals on the Trip

If you have a companion, a “partner”, then you’ll need a more private place to stay. Hotels would be the best option as transient houses do not provide the same level of privacy hotels do. Usually, a transient house is a regular house and “guests” like you who are willing to pay some Php350 per day per head (the usual rate) will be able to gain access to all the facilities the house has to offer – bathrooms, kitchen, sala, etc. For a trip lasting more than 3 days and teh interest to cook your own food, transient houses could be the best option but… if the number of individuals on that trip reaches 5 or more, go to the hotels and rent a 2,000-peso per day rooms. These rooms can generally accommodate 6 individuals because most 3-star and 5-star hotels in Baguio City have large rooms. some of your companions might need to stay on the floor (usually with carpet) so bring some extra sheets or blankets, just in case.

Available Cash

If you’re short on cash, regardless of your number, it’s always better to go to cheap hotels. If you are in a group of say 4-6, there are many cheap hotels there that only charge Php800 per day offering two large beds where you can all stay in. This will significantly reduce your daily expenses on lodging alone. If you are 4 in your group, you will only be paying an individual rate of Php200 per head per day. The Php800 rooms there are usually equipped with a bathroom and small TV sets and some chairs, sofas and small tables and cabinets. If you are new to Baguio City and really are ignorant of the place, don’t hesitate to seek help. For hotels accommodations, right from the bus terminal, you’ll see a lot of signages about transient houses, lodges, Inns and hotels. You can inquire from vendors near the terminal where to go as they too are part of the huge hotel business in Baguio City.

Time of the Year

This is probably the simplest tip I’m going to share with you about going to Baguio. DO NOT go there during Panagbenga and Holy Week. The hotel accommodations, food and everything else that come in between increase between 5 times to 10 times their usual prices. If you have enough cash, go anytime you want but if  your just a regular vacationeer, think twice.

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5 Comments on “Where to Stay in Baguio City: An Update on Things to Consider”

  1. Hi Jessie! Hubby and I are here in Baguio and this is our 2nd week already. Been raining practically everyday here. We’re just blessed because we are not staying in a hotel but at my bro-in-law’s house and is close to the public market and downtown. We were also here during the Panagbenga, OMG, bunch of people were here that time! Anyhow, my hubby love it here in Baguio.

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    jessie reply on May 3rd, 2009:


    Oh sayang fren hindi tayo nagkasabay. At any rate, always take care my dear. Regards to your hubby. :-)

  2. Hi fren, thanks for this post, di ko lang nabasa agad ‘coz we left April 23 12MN. I was able to read this post April 25 na while we were in Baguio, gamit ko lang yung fone ko, buti libre wifi sa SM Baguio. I commented pero hindi nakapasok, haha, hindi ako sanay mag net sa fone. Lisa’s right, umuulan lagi doon kaya sa umaga lang kami nakapamasyal, sa hapon nasa SM Baguio lang kami, pero okay pa rin naman, we still enjoyed the vacation. :)

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    jessie reply on May 3rd, 2009:


    Fren buti naman nakapagbakasyon kayo at nag-enjoy sa Baguio. Ang sarap ng feeling pag may konting break online. Ako naman eh sobrang busy managing servers and websites. Ang hirap ng ganitong buhay fren.

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