First-Ever Oathtaking Ceremony of Professional Nurses in Ilocos Norte

Yesterday, Jen took her oath as a professional nurse (finally!) and there were some firsts in the event. For one, it was the first-ever oathtaking ceremony held in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. Prior to this, all nurses’ oathtaking ceremonies have been conducted in Manila. This obviously saved many parents a huge sum of money. Travel, food and accommodation expenses have been defrayed because of the localized setting.

However, many parents and spouses of those who took their oath yesterday suggested that there should be a provincial PRC office in Ilocos Norte. This is because as I am writing this, my wife is preparing our luggage for our trip to Baguio at 2 am (a few hours from now) to file her application for a license at the PRC Regional Office in Baguio City. This is an added expenditure and time-consuming, if I may add. If you are rich and do not have to worry about the food you’ll serve on the table for the next 20 years, then this should not be a problem. But for Ilocanos who value time, productivity and the opportunity to earn more (minus the distraction), then traveling is sometimes a burden.

I have seen very familiar faces in the oathtaking ceremony – friends, colleagues in the academe, former students, former Graduate School classmates and former thesis advisees. It was fun actually. It made me realize how old I am in terms of chronological age but damn! I even look younger than my former students 14 years my junior. They even asked what my secret is in looking younger than I should. Honestly, I don’t know. Probably I’m just a fun-loving guy and doesn’t worry much about a lot of material things in life even if I do not have much of them. Financial worries can make you look really old, you know. It will stress you out and make you feel anxious about many things.

I have also posted some photos in my Education site but I will also publish some more here just for fun.

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2 Comments on “First-Ever Oathtaking Ceremony of Professional Nurses in Ilocos Norte”

  1. CONGRATS kay misis kuya! wow! nurse na talaga c misis! Ganda naman..
    pst..sino yang gwapo “daw” na katabi nya sa pic? ahehehe..

    Twinks’s last blog post..Easter Saturday Fun In The Sun Photos **

    jessie reply on April 17th, 2009:


    Wag mong ipagsasabi ha? Taga Regal yang gwapong yan. Taga Regal Shockers. Bwahaha! Naku kainis nung oathtaking nya. Siksikan to the max. Nakatayo ako for 3 hours walang maupuan.