My Weight Gain Program Starts With Soya Milk and Taho

My day always starts with Soya Milk and “Taho” for breakfast, Filipino food and drink that have been proven to increase weight because of their high-protein content. Protein FYI is one of the main nutrients recommended for bodybuilders and athletes and Soya Milk and Taho (see photos below) provide lots of them.

Soya Milk, 500mL per Bottle

Soya Milk, 500mL per Bottle

Taho 500mL Cup

Taho 500mL Cup

My daily consumption:

  • Soya Milk – 1 Liter per day
  • Taho – 500 mL per day

Along with these, I also drink 6 bottles of beer per day. I do not drink them in one sitting. My consumption of San Mig Light (only 5% alcohol) is throughout my waking hours that’s why I don’t get drunk. There. These are my weigh gain food and routine. The partial results? In two weeks, I’ve gained some 10 pounds and feel stronger and more active. Not bad considering I’m the type of guy that finds it very difficult to gain weight. I am also inclined to conclude that Taho and Soya milk (all made from Soya) are good food supplements because of the felt benefits. Next in my to-do list to gain more weight is to avoid working 18-20 hours per day. Man, I need some break. In Thailand maybe. Hehehe!

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13 Comments on “My Weight Gain Program Starts With Soya Milk and Taho”

  1. no wonder you’re gaining weight…6 bottles of beer! kidding! good to know you’re having healthy intakes everyday!

    i soooo miss taho! just sad that my little one doesn’t like it. he finds it weird looking!

    Sheng’s last blog post..B Is Back From Vietnam

    jessie reply on April 1st, 2009:


    Oo nga sarap ng taho for breakfast fren. Hehehe! Wala dyan sa inyo no? Anlaki ng nadagdag sa timbang ko dahil dyan and I’m really happy.

    jessie’s last blog post..Huge Sony PS3 Announcement Turned Out to Be PS2 Sale

  2. me needs to lose weight!

    ceblogger’s last blog post..Philippine Jobs For The Accountancy|Accounting Graduates

    jessie reply on April 2nd, 2009:


    Iba’t iba talaga ang prolema natin. While others (like you) want to lose weight, payatots like me want to gain more. Hehehe! Underweight ako sa hiehgt kong 5’9″ eh. I should be weighing between 140-145 lbs pero mga 135 lang yung last recorded weight ko so may konti pa kong hinahabol. ;-)

    jessie’s last blog post..Blackberry App World Update: Blackberry App Store Now Open!

  3. Kuya!
    I wanna see your new photos. Yong tumaba ikaw..hehehe..
    Naku, ako naman eh I’m trying to lose some weights and so far am doing good. ^_^
    Taho, I’m not a fan kuya, minsan lang if trip ko kumain nyan.
    Yay! macho na c kuya! hahaha..
    ingat po!!
    Kmusta bundok? ang baging kumusta naman? hahaha…

    Twinks’s last blog post..Thank You From Me

    jessie reply on April 5th, 2009:


    Wag muna. Konti pa lang ang weight gain ko. Pag medyo kasintaba mo na ko pwede ko nang ibandera pics ko. Hahaha!

    jessie’s last blog post..Homedics Brethe Air Revitalizer BRT 150 – Cheap and Compact

  4. Fren, it’s difficult for me to gain weight, too. In Davao, I used to drink San Mig and eat balot but the effect to me was slow. Kung ano-ano na lang kinakain ko para tumaba at vitamins din, hehee!

    I didn’t know that Taho and Soya Milk can help gain weight. I used to buy Taho na binibenta sa umaga na sumisigaw ng Tahoooo! :-)

    Marlene’s last blog post..This Must Be The One

    jessie reply on April 5th, 2009:


    Nung active ako sa pagwo-workout a few years back, yung taho at soya milk na ang nirecommend sa kin. Maganda nga dahil “nagkakalaman” na ko nang konti ngayon hindi tulad ng dati na buto’t balat. HAHAHA!

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  5. Hi,
    Thanks for the tip! I badly need to gain weight too. My height is 5’4″ and I just weigh 99 lbs. Hehehe. I guess I will be doing a soya milk and taho marathon in the next few weeks.

    By the way, do you know of any alternative to taho? I’m from Davao and taho vendors only visit this particular area of mine twice per week. Or is there some kind of a “repacked taho” in supermarkets?

    Gabriel’s last blog post..WordPress 2.7 Released. Dashboard Revamped!

  6. Buti pa kayo ni Marlene you want to gain weight, eh ako? haha! overweight, teka, obese na pala.

    Amor’s last blog post..Where to Stay in Baguio?

    jessie reply on April 17th, 2009:

    Uy Amor, hindi ka pa naman hopeless fren. Andyan pa naman si Dr. Calayan at si Vicky Belo. lol!

    Naku fren, mahirap mag-gain ng weight especially if your body built is naturally slim.

  7. it’s not the soya.. but the beer! :D
    yeah. you should take a break. it’s not a joke working 18-20 hours a day!

    shiera’s last blog post..Friday Quote #9

    jessie reply on April 27th, 2009:


    Thanks for dropping by fren. Oo nga siguro kaya medyo lumalaki ang tummy ko dahil sa beer. Hehehe! Ngayon dapat mag-workout ako ulit para lumiit lang ulit sya.