Subjects Included in the CHED Memorandum Order (MO) No. 5

As stated in my previous articles on CHED MO No. 5, the Philippine government’s proposal to make nursing as a 5-year undergraduate course in the Philippines, I am posting here the complete Memorandum Order Issued by CHED in 2008. The proposed new nursing curriculum was supposed to be implemented this school year 2009 onwards. However, since since this move has been opposed by several groups, MO No. 5 is currently under review. Here is the complete MO and the subjects included in the proposed new nursing curriculum.

Please note that we are presently conducting a nursing research on this topic and our survey is not over yet. The locale of our study is Ilocos Norte and it will take some time for data to be gathered. If you have comment on CHED MO No. 5, please feel free to post them in the comments section of this article. One of these days I will also post a poll in this site to gauge how readers view this. As a researcher, I’m trying to eliminate bias by not involving my personal take on this matter now that the study is being conducted.

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3 Comments on “Subjects Included in the CHED Memorandum Order (MO) No. 5”

  1. I’m a little confused..for a little background..I’m a nursing freshman..And I’ve scanned the CMO no.5 above..
    I’m a little confused about the Article III section 4 that “BSN is a 4-year program..Then how it became 5-year now?..I mean that CMO no.5 contains the proposal to make nursing a 5 year course but I didn’t read anything in that order..

    please explain…

    jessie reply on February 24th, 2009:

    The “5-year” plan means that new subjects will be included in the new nursing curriculum plus RLE hours will be extended amounting to a 5-year course equivalent. The connotation of 5 years in CHED MO No.5 is not 5 School Years, rather revisions amounting to 5 school years. 2 additional summer periods are also proposed in this MO.

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  2. I am a 4th year nursing student;off-sem..supposed to graduate on october 2009….

    I am graduating student this october 2009 and unable to take up nursing research because my plan is to have it the first semester..Now, because of this new ched memorandum i was really upset and confused if I (we) 4th year nursing students is/are affected with this 1 year nursing research–which is not in our curiculum..