Japan Still to Employ Filipino Nurses (Nurse Jobs in Japan)

There is a global financial crisis and Japan being world’s second largest economy is not exempted. However, employment of Filipino nurses and caregivers in Japan remain according to sources. On the other hand, a prediction from economic analysts say that Japan’s growth will be negative this year. In the United States alone, thousands of employees lost their jobs. No wonder, Filipino workers have become concerned that Japanese companies and factories might layoff some of their employees. Filipino applicants (especially nurses and other health care workers) to Japan were apprehensive that job opportunities in Japan will be less this year. This is because nursing job opportunities in the Philippines are limited and Japan is a good place of employment for Filipino nurses despite the fact that there are more jobs for Nurses in Canada and other Asian countries like Brunei, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea.

A decreased nurse or nursing jobs in Japan is somewhat a loss to many nurses aspiring to go abroad especially those who have taken and hopeful passers of the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam (results will be released on the last week of February 2009). :-)

“Japan is still in need of well trained nurses and caregivers”. This need to employ Filipino nurses and caregivers was stated by Mr. Makato Katsura, Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines. The Japanese ambassador also said that the crisis would not result to vast dismissal of Filipino employees. He also said matching of demand and supply is now in process. In fact, Japan has begun recruitment of Filipino nurses and caregivers. This 2009, between April to June, first batch of recruits will be in Japan to take 6 months of Niponggo training course before being employed to health care facilities.

Despite the financial crisis, Japan is still to hire Filipino nurses and caregivers as provided by JPEPA. Under JPEPA or Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement, 300 caregivers and 200 nurses are to be employed in Japan yearly.

JPEPA is a treaty signed on September 2006 by Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in Helsinki, Finland. In 2008, the treaty was ratified by the Philippine Senate.

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10 Comments on “Japan Still to Employ Filipino Nurses (Nurse Jobs in Japan)”

  1. Hello Fren..goodnews to ah..Lipad na!Fren paki update my link please Words of Love.

    Joyoz’s last blog post..Blogger to WordPress

    jessie reply on February 7th, 2009:


    Naku fren. I sincerely wish I had enough money now. Besides, it’s more difficult to employ males in Japan. Females are more employable there. I might as well try first Dubai or Bahrain then move to Canada or US.

    jessie’s last blog post..Google Latitude Explained

  2. great opportunity but requires a lot from the applicants.
    The Japanese language is really, really hard. But if they are to just focus on studying the language for 6 months, then that’s great. :)

    I just hope that they would still need foreign IT workers like me…

    shiera’s last blog post..Friday Quote #9

    jessie reply on February 7th, 2009:


    Fren, that’s correct. Many applicants find Niponggo a difficult language to master although the basics of the language are easy. As for me, I just hope many of our fellow Filipino jobseekers, especially Filipino nurses will find good jobs in Japan. I heard the salary and living conditions are generally good.

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  3. Good news to Kapatid. Agree ako sayo, mas madali sa mga babae ang pumunta sa Japan. Pag lalake ang hirap talaga. Same thing pagdating sa work dun. Mas madali pumasok ang babae kesa lalake. Ewan ko ba. Siguro di na lang ako babalik dun ang hirap kasi haha. Sana lang medyo babaan ng Japan ang requirements pagdating sa mga caregivers na Pinoy. Masyadong mataas ang standard nila. I hope pumasa yung bill about dyan next year ata yun. Anyways, oks pa din kesa sa wala. At least may mga work ang mga kapwa Pinoy natin. Tayo na lang ang wala kapatid!!!!! haha. Oist paramdam lang!

    jessie reply on February 8th, 2009:


    Oo tama yan kapatid. The standard for employment in Japan for Filipino caregivers is high. I will look into the details more in the near future. Kasalukuyan kasi ang consultations namin with clinical instructors regarding CHED MO No 5. Nagfi-field work kami dito madalas. We also discuss with recruiters here about the possibilities of employing new nurses in many parts of Asia especially in the Middles East. Mahirap ang employment sa ngayon kapatid. Tayo na lang ang di nga nakakalipad. Hahaha!

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    Ambo reply on February 8th, 2009:

    Naku maraming maghihintay nyan kapatid! Apply nga sana ako kaso nahirapan talaga ako sa Nihonggo. Nagkakapali palipit dila ko promise! hahaha.

    jessie reply on February 9th, 2009:


    Kung hirap ka sa Nihonggo, mag-aral ka na lang ng Chinese Mandarin or Fukien then “GO BACK” to China. Di ba taga-dun ka dati? Hahaha!

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  4. May hiring na rin ng mga nurses sa Japan? This is good! Para naman mabura na ang katagang Japayuki kapag galing Japan, hehee! I’ll tell my cousin about this.

    Marlene’s last blog post..Top Droppers And A Warning

    jessie reply on February 11th, 2009:


    That’s one of the many things I have in mind – the image of Filipino workers in Japan will be changed if we’ll be able to maintain a good status there. I also hope that the government will support our OFW’s more especially nurses who wish to work in Japan and other countries. The Philippine government has not really been supportive to our OFWs since time immemorial. :-(

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