Nursing Research Topics For An Undergraduate Thesis

I have been asked a few times to post some good Nursing research topics or Nursing researches in this site that can be used for an undergraduate thesis. I cannot blame people to expect complete Nursing researches to be posted here. But here’s my point for not doing so – my thesis advisees paid me to help them complete those studies. As a way to show respect to them and their efforts/contributions, I will not post here complete Nursing researches that anyone can just copy and paste onto a blank Microsoft Word file and submit as their undergraduate thesis. This practice is pathetic. Some Nursing researches I have handled took 3 years to complete (graduate theses/dissertations). What makes anybody think that I will post a complete thesis here for free?

If you need guidance in your studies (Nursing research, education research, etc.) please feel free to contact me through email. My posts in this site are materials that you can use as reference in your own Nursing research or any field of study but do not ask for the results of my own researches. That is, in my opinion, an abuse. Please do not expect to get everything here for free. There are many parts of a research that I will not publish here as a matter of policy and respect to my former students and clients. As they say “If someone gave you his left hand, do not ask for his right (hand)”. :-)

If you want some Nursing resarch topics, here are my suggestions on how to come up with good topics in Nursing research which you can use in your undergraduate researches. I will not suggest specific topics but a general guide on how to choose a good nursing research topic (which will serve you better in the long run):

  • Look around you (school, home, events, community, Nursing curriculum, Philippine government’s health programs, clinical instructors, et al.) and determine some problems in those areas
  • Is there a need to study a perceived problem? If yes then read the next step. If no, then find another problem. In doing research, your first problem is really to look for a problem. :-)
  • Determine the “feasibility” of the nursing topic you or your groupmates have chosen. Try to evaluate if you have the following:
    • Time – if you can finish the study before the deadline set by your college/institution/school
    • Money – if you can sustain the projected expenses. If you think you cannot produce the necessary amount to cover the expenses of the whole research, then drop the topic and think of another one
    • Interest – the most important element that you must have when choosing a topic. If the topic or idea doesn’t appeal to you, find another one or think of another one. Even if you have the time and money to finance the study, if you do not have the interest, there is a high probability that you will not be able to defend the thesis succesfully
  • Project possible outcomes. Are the possible recommendations practical to implement if and only if the study has already been conducted? If yes, then move forward and write the draft of your first chapter. For more details on How to Write Chapter 1, click on the link given.

Things that you can possibly study are educational processes, relationship between variables (e.g., Clinical Instructors’ teaching performance and students’ academic performance), different teaching methods employed in your school, incidence of particular diseases like diabetes, prevalence of certain cultural practices related to health and nursing management, factors affecting a phenomenon like academic performance of nursing students in RLE, childbearing practices of a minority group, health issues like reproductive health, social issues like status and coping measures of single parents, etc.

Like I said, just look around you and look for problem areas in Nursing education, Nursing curriculum, clinical area and others. Find studies in the past which you can follow up.

Nursing education in the Philippines is not perfect. If you will only open your eyes, you’ll find good nursing research topics that could really be interesting to you and useful to others.

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26 Comments on “Nursing Research Topics For An Undergraduate Thesis”

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    Ok fren, no problem. :-)

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  3. […] In view of Nursing research I think the incidence of cholera in places like Misamis Oriental is one good nursing topic for an undergraduate thesis because it will expose and immerse student-researchers in their own communities (which is the […]

  4. kindly help me about the good/nice/interestng topic to my research related to as a nursing student…/

    jessie reply on November 23rd, 2008:


    I suggest you read carefully the paragraphs on how to choose good nursing research topics. There are countless nursing topics which you can use in your nursing thesis. Just look around and you won’t miss it.

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  5. can you please suggest atleast 3 topics for our thesis, related in clinical setting or about nursing students…

    jessie reply on November 26th, 2008:


    where do you go to school to? anong name ng nursing school na pinapasukan mo? if you are in manila, there are lots of problems in the clinical area like the lack of adequate assistance of Cis on nursing students. you can start there then formulate topics in your nursing research or thesis. i can’t think of a specific topic for your nursing research because i have to see your conditions as a student before i can even suggest one.

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    kim reply on November 27th, 2008:

    my school is here in bulacan… and we are having our duties in a private hospital, hindi pa po kami naka2pag duty in other hospital…

    jessie reply on December 4th, 2008:


    You can study the “perception of students on the effectiveness of their RLE”.

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  6. hi ahL..can you give me some idea on finding a nursing topics for my masteral degree? i need it for my research subject and to make it as a research study as well.. thank you! that would be a great help…if you have time you can reach me thru my email
    thank you so!


    jessie reply on December 4th, 2008:


    I think you have to discuss you Nursing research topic with your adviser. Your concerns should be based on existing problems or needs within your group or community, which you can determine better than anyone else.

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  7. hi.. can you suggest 3 topics for our thesis? it’s about community health nursing.. thanks..

  8. hi poh.. ahmm.. ang problem ko poh kasi.. i don’t know how to construct a good title or topic.. help naman poh..

  9. anything poh.. basta yung makakayang gawin ng mga baguhan at mejo naguguluhan sa nursing research hehe.. tnx poh..

  10. Hello!

    I’m a 3rd yr nursing student here in CEbu.
    Can I ask for your advise in our nursing research topic. Which is better? or are these topics ok?

    Our group decided to have these topic:

    1. “The number of 3rd yr nursing students who are effectively using therapeutic communication in dealing with hospitalized pt.”
    2. “Barriers for using therapeutic communication by 3rd yr nursing in dealing with hospitalized patients”.

    Can you please give me any advise? or are there any revisions needed? thank you.. And please contact me through my email.

  11. Preshie,

    Use the second title for your nursing research topic. it’s a good one. :-)

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  12. I hate making thesis. I just had a fight with an old lady professor, sobrang irreasonable na, kasi matanda na. Imagine she is an author of a book, yet she’s not aware of what it contains. In the book is the pattern on how to make thesis, and she was asking me “where is the problem?” Coz it is written there Chapter I. Statement of the Problem, lintik basahin niya yung book niya Introduction rin yung other term for statement of the problem, so siguro hindi ko naman i enumerate yung problem dun ng bulleted noh, kung yun ang ibig niyang sabihin. Haaayyy, i hate old people who’s think of themselves to be always right. There are so many instance you cant defend yourself when they are the one who could be so disrespectful. Sigaw ng sigaw, kung hindi lang siya 80+ baka sumagot nako ng hindi maganda. Im talking about Lydia M. Venzon Author of Introduction to Nursing Reasearch Quest for quality nursing.

  13. hi.. can u help me with my thesis..? i am currently a master of arts in nursing student.. actually i have made up a 3 titles already for my thesis but i don’t know if its a good topic.. can u give me a sample thesis? or a website where i can find sample thesis for master of arts in nursing? just for a review :)

    kindly reply..

    thank you very much..God bless

    jessie reply on April 27th, 2009:

    I’m sorry but I don’t publish any sample nursing thesis in any level.

    virginia reply on September 23rd, 2009:

    helo there i would like to ask for your help…its really hard for me to find a good topic about our thesis…its all about the problem related in nursing in the hospital… i really don’t have an idea about this…it is because its my first time to do a thesis and i really don’t have any idea…i don’t know what to do…can you give some idea about what would and should i do?im asking for your reply thanks…

  14. hi, gud evening.. m currently also enrolled in a masteral class majoring leadership nursing, i just wanna ask suggestions or ideas on topics related to my major… tnx m hoping for a reply

  15. Nyenti Christiane Eyongf on June 2nd, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    please help me with a research topic.On a nursing program in first Degree.will be glad if my request is accepted.

  16. how can you improve this title that it wont merely be just perception? kasi po pag perception daw, parang survey lang. wlang significance. thanks po.
    “Perception of Graduating nursing students to self studying or enrolling at Review Centers before taking NLE”

  17. gusto ko lang magask ng help kasi we are having a hard time to find something related to our research… our topic plays on what will the graduating students want to be after they graduate, being a hospital staff nurse or a clinical instructor… please help me on this, any ideas on how and where can we get more info about this topic? or any suggestions that would make our research better? thanks in advance…