Helpful Nursing Review Tips for Nursing Board Exam/NLE Test Takers

After carefully assessing Nursing Board Exam results or Nursing Licensure Exam (NLE) results for the past 10 years, I have come up with the conclusion that the nursing board exam review itself is not sufficient for the test taker to pass the Nursing board exam or NLE. Here are a few helpful nursing review tips for the NLE test taker that might help guide them during the Nursing review process:

Stay focused during the nursing review classes. Many nursing reviewees are bored during their review classes. My observation is that some of the nursing reviewers simply rehash what the reviewees have taken up during their college days. Also, reviewees have also been observed to fiddle much with their gadgets like cell phones or MP3 players which is really a huge factor why they cannot focus on their review.

Do not over-rationalize the nursing board exam questions. Examinees/test takers of the nursing board exam usually give different answers to the same question. This is why I have mentioned in my replies to some comments in my article “Preparing for the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam in Baguio City” that there is no guarantee that an examinee will pass the Nursing Board Exam even if she graduated as a Cum Laude or Magna Cum Laude. The answers are subject to the idea of the person/s who made the exam, hence, subjective. Nursing is not an exact science like mathematics. In rationalizing the problem/situation, the examinee should keep in mind that sometimes the best answer is the simplest one.

Maintain a balanced schedule between nursing review and other activities. Don’t be too serious with your review. Have a little fun. All work no play makes a dull baby. As a test taker, you should still be able to maintain a good schedule between nursing review and your personal life. Being too serious with the review will wear you out sooner than expected. Have a time management plan.

Don’t have too much sex. It might sound funny but nursing reviewees usually discuss their sex lives with their peers openly. As a result of their too much sexual activities, most of them did not pass. Well, you can disagree with this if you want but Statistics on the correlation between sexual activity and board exam passing rate is negatively correlated. The less sex you get, the better it could be for you. Approach sex as an outlet of the stress you get from the daily grind only, not as a habit. :-)

Exercise and maintain a good diet. You have to be conscious of these two because I have observed that those who do some exercise and have a good diet can concentrate better than those who don’t.

Stay away from vices as much as possible. Heavy smoking may impair your ability to focus. This may not hold true in your case but generally, this observation is valid. Drinking alcohol also has a significant effect on academic performance and focus so try to keep drinking alcohol to the minimum. Moderation is important if you have these vices. :-)

Pray. Divine intervention during the Nursing board exam is always sought by test takers especially one week before the exam schedule. It’s always a good thing to seek guidance from God. Only He has the power to guide you hands and direct your life. There is no better source of wisdom but God himself so make it a daily habit to pray. ;-)

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  2. Thanks for the tips bok. Magte-take din ako ng nursing board exam eh. Yang over-rationalization tip ang pinaka-gusto ko. It’s one common mistake daw sa NLE sabi nung mga nag-exam na gaya ng ate ko. Nakakahilo ang mga sagot daw. Ewan ko ba.