Tip on How to Stop Cigarette Smoking: Chew Your Cigarettes

My wife’s father actually told us this tip on how to stop smoking one time he called us. Eat your cigarette. It may sound gross to some but I really think it’s a wise advice for a smoker to stop smoking. First, I have to admit that I’m a smoker (sometimes a heavy smoker). I started smoking at age 13 (first year high school, Philippine educational standards).

I was enticed to smoke because of peer pressure and home factors. My late father was a chain smoker and my eldest brother is also a heavy smoker. What you really see in members of your family (as a child) can truly affect you psychologically. So there, I was conditioned at a young age that smoking is normal.

At first, smoking with peers was a “hitit-buga” (short puffs of smoke) session in the comfort room or anywhere no one can see us. Our smoking habit grew each day until we became adults. All of my high school buddies did not quit smoking since we all started it when we were young kids.

I’ve attempted quitting many times. There was even a time when I did not smoke for 3 months. However, too much work pressure enticed me once more to smoke because working as a professor, writer and programmer did not allow me to sleep early. I had to be awake all night long to finish my jobs. And sad to say, smoking helps in increasing alertness while it allows you to extend your waking hours longer.

As to the tip given by my father-in-law, the reason why I think it’s a wise advice is that I’ve seen it work in some people (him included). Their addiction to smoking was curbed, controlled or totally eliminated. The dependency to cigarette smoking can either be psychological or physical. Psychological dependency on cigarette smoking is easier to control than physical dependency. I will prepare my notes on this for my future articles.

For now, I might as well try eating a stick of (unlit) cigarettes to see if it will work on me. Some said the first attempt may not be successful. The bitter or bad taste of cigarettes may not be enough to discourage the smoker to stop smoking. In my case I hope this technique will work because cigarette smoking is not really healthy. I have the will to stop but sometimes my physical dependency on nicotine hinders my attempt to quit smoking.

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4 Comments on “Tip on How to Stop Cigarette Smoking: Chew Your Cigarettes”

  1. Hahaha eat your cigarette..natatawa tuloy ako Fren kasi pag naembyerna ako dati sa usok ng yosi sasabihin ko kaagad “kainin mo yang sigarilyo mo, saksak mo sa baga mo ng todo!”yung pala technique yun para madiscourage ang user.

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    jessie reply on September 21st, 2008:


    I actually tried it. I chewed the tobacco inside the cigarette stick and ate part of it. The taste was bitter but I still smoke. However, I feel discouraged to smoke already. It’s a good start to stop smoking I think.

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