Diseases and Health Conditions Caused by Changing Weather Conditions

The Philippines and other parts of the globe are experiencing extreme climate changes or changes in weather conditions as of late. Millions of people get sick/ill because of these climate changes or changes in weather conditions. The sudden changes in weather conditions are largely affecting human beings in terms of health and well-being. Lately, I’m seeing a lot of people in my place get sick of cough, sore throat, flu, sever headache, difficulty in breathing, increasing blood pressure and more. Psychologically, people become irritable and their levels of anxiety and temper rise to the roof when the weather gets too hot.

Before this, 3 typhoons visited Ilocos Norte (Helen, Igme and the latest, Karen) in a span of two short months. During typhoons, weather conditions are not good for anyone’s health.  They are usually freezing cold and the humidity in the air makes it difficult to breathe for some. This is the time (rainy days) where the incidence of diseases like leptospirosis, dengue fever and influenza goes high (for more details and discussion, please read my article “Common Diseases and Health Conditions During the Rainy Season“). Likewise, for a brief discussion on summer heat, asthma attacks and heatstroke, please follow these link – “Summer Heat Can Trigger More Asthma Attacks” and “Incidence of heatstroke May Rise in Very Hot Weather“.

You see, the general trend in weather and climate changes are hard to predict mathematically. The variances in temperature, humidity and pressure for short intervals are so great. In the Philippines, this is a case that can be likened to a woman who changes her mind every two minutes – hot now, cold two minutes later. Well, I hope the analogy is not exaggerated in your view. It’s just an analogy anyway.

The abrupt changes in weather in the Philippines make a lot of people sick. That is a general observation by Filipinos from Aparri to Jolo. The overall climate is unsteady and I think more studies on this should be conducted by government officials and concerned private groups involved in research. Globally, abrupt changes in climate are attributed to global warming. This is true but on a smaller scale scale, I’d like to know what factors affect the climate changes in the Philippines.

In safeguarding our people health, I also would like to see the Philippine government do something to anticipate any incidence of outbreak. man’s past deeds have started to take its toll on this generation. I’m not saying there will be an outbreak in the Philippines like the Ebola outbreak in Africa but taking into account the continuous mutation and adaptation of the dengue virus (among others), I think it’s better safe than sorry. Health is wealth all the time. Protect yourself and family by following the guidelines in the articles mentioned above. I’m sure you’ll find something useful there and then I can hope that I’ve been effective in disseminating information on how to prevent diseases and live a healthier life. :-)

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7 Comments on “Diseases and Health Conditions Caused by Changing Weather Conditions”

  1. haaay..ang hirap mgkasakit kuya..
    I’m just glad na di naman lumala ang kay Fabia. As a mother mahirap pg nagkakasakit ang baby mo, nakakaawa kasi eh.
    I agree with you kuya, health is wealth and prevention is better than cure. Pero sa hirap ng buhay ngayon kahit pang prevention eh mahirap na bumili… nakuuu po!

    Kuya namiss kita! hehehe..

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    jessie reply on August 28th, 2008:


    That’s true. Vitamins are very expensive. Even if we want to prevent diseases and illnesses, sometimes some of them are really inevitable to acquire.

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  2. the change of weather can really be a factor why some gets sick. it’s hard when sickness strikes, especially if you’re just a struggling family in the Philippines; where there’s no health benefits.

    hope you’re better now, my friend!

    Sheng’s last blog post..Heading Out Before The Rain Starts . . .

    jessie reply on August 28th, 2008:


    That’s one problem in the Philippines – the lack of health benefits. That is why when you get sick here and do not have some savings, kawawa ka talaga.

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  3. Yeah, changing weather makes my baby suffer now. Colds and cough. He just lie down here beside me on our bed watching me blogging. He doesn’t want to play. Hay, ang hirap pag matamlay ang baby mo. No matter what prevention pa gagawin mo tatamaan kpa rin. Sana lang di na naman to mawui sa Asthma attack.

    Joy’s last blog post..We Filipinos Still Get Olympic Gold

    jessie reply on August 28th, 2008:


    Yeah, diseases and other health conditions (even if they are not serious) can make life miserable. You won’t be able to enjoy life if you get sick.

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