The Importance of Seminars in Education, Engineering and Electronics

Many of you must have attended a seminar, training or conference. In applying for a job, your resume’s “Trainings/Seminars/Conferences Attended” section is one area of focus of most HRD Managers/Officers. This is because trainings, seminars and conferences aim to provide you with supplemental learning which you typically cannot learn inside a classroom.

Here in the Philippines, seminars in education are too many. Too many because my relatives who are teaching in the elementary, high school and college levels attend various seminars initiated by the Department of Education (DepEd) and Commission on Higher Education (CHED) almost every month. Sometimes I feel that the Philippine government is wasting too much money on seminars.

On the other hand, the fields of engineering and electronics are growing with the advent of modern technology. In the different fields of engineering alone, hundreds of seminars are initiated by various engineering organizations. Topics usually range from new methods of construction to new materials for a specific building projects. The same thing is true in the field of electronics because every now and then new inventions and innovations come out and people involved in this field have to keep up with the fast pace of advancements.

Seminars usually update us with the latest trends and issues in a particular field. They also enable us to find new products and services that we might not know exist.

Seminars can also be likened to a social network where participants can network and share what they know with each other. Sometimes, just sometimes, people even find their “soulmates” in seminars because they are by nature social gatherings. :-)

In addition, seminars’ importance in further educating target participants is unquestionable. If you have attended a seminar, you should have realized its importance by now especially if you have listened carefully while the keynote speaker was speaking.

As a final word, if you’re looking for seminar topics on engineering and electronics, please visit and see if you can find some topics that fit your need.

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