Common Diseases and Health Conditions During the Rainy Season

Knowing that the Philippines is frequently visited by typhoons (or cyclones), it is advisable to know the common diseases and health conditions that can be acquired or developed during rainy days. The rainy season in the Philippines is one period where many Filipinos get sick. Usually, these illnesses are water-borne.

Topping the list is the common cold. Next would be fever and influenza (or flu). These conditions are usually associated with coughing and soar sore throat. Other more serious diseases and health conditions include diarrhea (which is usually caused by ingesting unclean water), typhoid fever (common worldwide, is transmitted by the ingestion of food or water contaminated with feces from an infected person), dengue fever (transmitted to humans by the Aedes aegypti (rarely Aedes albopictus) mosquito), and leptospirosis (transmitted to humans through unsanitary water on the streets which has mixed with rat urine).

During rainy days, the best way to prevent getting sick is to avoid going out of the house for too long and getting exposed to the weather conditions outdoor.  A medicine cabinet containing medicines for cough, flu and fever will also come in handy.  Storing vitamins in your medicine cabinet and consuming them (like Vitamin C, to strengthen the immune system) is also a good idea.

Make sure the water that you and your family will take in is clean.  If you do not have a stock of purified or distilled water, boil your drinking water first before serving or storing in a storage medium like the refrigerator.  This will ensure that your drinking water is free of (or has very little) micro-organisms which are usual causes of common diseases and health conditions during rainy days.

Health is wealth.  Diseases prevent us from being productive and enjoying life.  If you value these things, think about health.  Common diseases and conditions during the rainy season can be prevented if you will only become conscious about little things that we usually ignore during ordinary days.

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7 Comments on “Common Diseases and Health Conditions During the Rainy Season”

  1. Kuya I take 1000mg of Vitamin C daily. May time pa before na umabot sa 2k mg kasi nga yong hika ko, panay ang atake. Prone ako sa sipon at ubo umulan man at umaraw…

    Scotty’s Princess’s last blog post..Trendy Apparels at Its Best!

    jessie reply on July 22nd, 2008:


    Ako man eh regular na yung pag-take ko ng vitamins (Vitamin C rin in particular). Sobra ang pagod ko sa araw-araw. May maliit na bisnes na kong pinatatakbo eh nagba-blog pa ko after my tasks offline. ngeks!

    jessie’s last blog post..Various Quotes #3

  2. sa panahon ngayon kuya mahirap na mgkasakit.. ikaw nga nila prevention is better than cure.. kaya ako may vitamins talaga.. pati din c baby.. tsaka careful din, wag basta basta kumain sa labas, di mo kasi alam if malinis o hindi di ba..

    twinks’s last blog post..BisdakPlanet Foundation

    jessie reply on July 22nd, 2008:


    Ako eh medyo sensitibo sa pagkain. Gusto ko lutong bahay parati. Very seldom kaming kumakain sa labas. Atsaka todo-vitamins kami ni misis dahil stressed out kaming pareho daily. Wala pa naman kaming kasambahay so we have to do all the household chores pag nandito kami sa house. Diseases and other health conditions are very common during rainy season. Getting sick is the most difficult part of being a working person.

    jessie’s last blog post..Dark Knight Breaks All Box-Office Records!

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