Typhoon Helen Hits Ilocos Norte and My Bloglife is Doomed

After the wrath of Typhoon Frank, which ravaged the Visayas regions last month, Typhoon Helen hit my home province, Ilocos Norte. Typhoon Helen was not as strong as Typhoon Frank but it still affected everybody’s lives. Too bad, the Philippines is situated in a typhoon belt so Filipinos like this blogger should expect more typhoons to come.

Unfortunately for me, my internet connection went down a couple of days. If I ever get the chance to go online, my Digitel DSL is lucky if it’s able to maintain connection for 15 straight minutes. These things (strong winds and downpour of rains, among others) can really disrupt a good bloglife. Worst, I was not able to make money online with my blogs because all my review assignments for 3 days expired and they are categorically losses on my part. Add to that, I was not able to monitor Google Adsense earnings. It was only this hour that I found out my earnings decreased and Google Adsense click rates are low for the past 5 days despite the fact that this blog’s traffic remained practically the same.

Overall, Typhoon Helen was tough on me. I was not able to bloghop, drop Entrecards and do my usual routine as a blogger. Add to that the stress I got from staying up for 48 hours working and testing WordPress 2.6 Beta 3 and the stable stable release prior to the arrival of Typhoon Helen. My body aches so badly up to this writing and I lost concentration to accomplish my offline and online tasks.

My worst fear was that, my sleep problems could be back. I had insomnia and it usually attacks at random occasions up to now. Sleep deprivation can affect the mind and body more terribly than you can imagine. I have observed that whenever I deprive myself of sleep, I become lousy, lack concentration, lack creativity, become irritable and moody, and do not have the sex drive. lol!

Maybe I should take Endosulfan, errr… Hydrite to replenish lost electrolytes so I can re-energize this tired old body. ;-)

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8 Comments on “Typhoon Helen Hits Ilocos Norte and My Bloglife is Doomed”

  1. HAHAHAHA! I’m sure Jennie is complaining for your lack of sex drive, Kuya! Ikaw naman! Pano na kayo makakabuo neto??? Si Helen at Frank talaga, OO! Im sure you’ve lost big amount from blogging, Kuya. Araw-araw ako dito, nag-aabang ng bago. Bawi ka nalang uli ngayon. Pero suggestion ko lang, unahin mo munang makabuo kasi di ka na bumabata, LO! Bwahahahahaha!

    Lainy’s last blog post..The Power of Blog Commenting and Some Comment Etiquettes

    jessie reply on July 18th, 2008:


    Korek! i’m not getting any younger. Kanya nga medyo rest ako sa blogging dahil naaapektuhan na ang katawan ko. :-(

    jessie’s last blog post..Various Quotes #3

  2. Hahaha natatawa ako sa sex drive nayan kasi wala yata ako nyan toinks! but cheers dyan sa pagiging lousy , lack concentration, lack creativity, become irritable and moody.. Nagtry ako wp 2.6 fren kaso sablay ata dipa ako tapos ano ba etits di nagwork!

    jessie reply on July 19th, 2008:


    Hahaha! sino ba sa tin ang may sex drive? stressful ang blogging fren.

    jessie’s last blog post..Free Resume Samples for Teachers and Healthcare Managers

  3. Oh Oh another typhoon again, no wonder my brother was not online for few a days now. He probably lost his connection.

    Anyway we have the same problem fighting sleep deprivation. It has been a month now since I have been struggling to get back my normal sleeping routine. I really hate it when I don’t get enough sleep cause I get so cranky. I tried to take a nap during the day but I have no luck… I think I need to take a sleeping pills? lols!

    Ivy’s last blog post..Goodbye Trailer

    jessie reply on July 19th, 2008:


    Yup. Even up to now my internet connection is not table. Try mo yung sleeping pills na mild lang friend. Consult a physician or a nurse in your place before taking one. :-)

    jessie’s last blog post..The Dark Knight (Batman) Photos/Picture Gallery

  4. hello kuya, musta na ang sex drive nating dyan? hahahaha.. gumagana na ba? tama c ellaine unahin mo muna makabuo kasi di ka na bumabata..tsaka kuya maging creative ikaw ha.. hehehehe

    twinks’s last blog post..BisdakPlanet Foundation

    jessie reply on July 22nd, 2008:


    My sex drive is still dull up to now. lol! Rain or shine yata eh ganun pa rin. Pag ako ang nagkababy magba-blog ako about my experiences. Hahaha!

    Sana lang hindi ako mahirapan with my own children… :-)

    jessie’s last blog post..Videoconferencing is Becoming a Trend