Rudy Fernandez is Dead! And You Should Worry About Peri-ampullary Cancer

I have written about this in my News site – Rudy Fernandez Dies at Age 55. if you want to learn more about the details of Rudy Fernandez’ death, you may click on the link above. Rudy Fernandez died at a very young age of 55. Philippine showbiz will never be the same again without the man they called “Daboy”. But what is the cause of Rudy Fernandez’ death? Peri-ampullary cancer.

According to Joey Villarama of Abs-CBN News, his interview with Dr. Jaime Ignacio, immediate past president of the Philippine Society for Gastroenterology, revealed that peri-ampullary cancer is the growth of tumor in the ampulla, a passage of bile duct in the intestines.

From the liver, bile duct supplies bile to the intestine, the liquid which digest the food in-take of a person. If the ampulla has a tumor, bile doesn’t flow in the intestines resulting in inflammation of the bile duct.

Ignacio said that periampullary cancer is rare. For every 100,000 people, only 100 develop the illness. The cause of the condition is still unknown.

The following symptoms that might indicate periamplullary cancer: weight loss and bleeding of the ampulla which will be evident in a patient’s stool. He added that the patient usually feels no pain.

Ignacio said this type of cancer is not easily detected and it may be too late for the patient once it is finally identified.

Kadalasan kasi, inaakalang hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer o ibang sakit sa atay ang peri-ampullary cancer kaya hindi ito agad nalalapatan ng tamang lunas,” Ignacio explained.

Treatment options include surgical removal of the tumor or loosening of the obstruction on the bile duct, technically referred to as endoscopic retrograde cholangoi-pancreatography.

In its later stages, peri-ampullary cancer cells spread to the liver. The survival rate is recorded at four out of ten people who are usually declared to be under remission if they remain cancer-free two years after the periampullary cancer was first discovered.

Ignacio advised that to be safe and on guard against periampullary cancer or any other liver condition, a person should see a specialist immediately if he or she manifests jaundice.

Well, we all know that Rudy Fernandez has been battling this type of cancer for a long time. He finally succumbed to the disease. May he rest in peace. Our condolences to Lorna Tolentino and his kids.

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17 Comments on “Rudy Fernandez is Dead! And You Should Worry About Peri-ampullary Cancer”

  1. […] sakit at pagpanaw at kung ano-ano pa bisitain nyo lang mga ang links na eto. Daboy’s Death at Peri-ampullary Cancer Eto naman sa baba ang latest video […]

  2. First time kong nakarining ng ganitong klaseng cancer Kuya. Very rare nga talaga. Haaay buhay! Di talaga natin alam ang mangyayari bukas. Mahirap, mayaman, maganda, panget, kukunin din tayong lahat ni Lord kaya dapat parating handa.

    Daboy is a great loss to his family and the entire showbiz industry.
    Napanood ko sa TV kanina. My heart goes out to LT. Ang mga huling salitang binitawan ni Rudy Fernandez ay: “I love you, Mama!” Nakakalungkot talaga…

    Lainy’s last blog post..Manny Pacquiao on Philippine Postal Stamps!

    jessie reply on June 8th, 2008:


    That’s true, naiyak din ako sa special episode ng Startalk yesterday dedicated to Daboy.

    jessie’s last blog post..Lawyer’s Jokes #2

  3. Aba, fren, patay na pala si Daboy. Ngayon ko lang nakita itong post mo na ito sa bloglines ko. Kawawa naman si Lorna at mga anak niya.

    Marlene’s last blog post..Now I Can Breathe Freely

    jessie reply on June 8th, 2008:


    Fren, nung kalakasan kasi ni Rudy Fernandez eh marami ring bisyo. But I believe he was a good man. Talagang kumalat na yung cancer sa katawan nya kaya wala na rin…

    jessie’s last blog post..The Gemini: Know the Zodiac Sign, Personality and Characteristics

  4. condenlce…im so sad

    jessie reply on June 8th, 2008:


    Everyone’s sad for the passing of Rudy Fernandez. He’s such a great loss. :-(

    jessie’s last blog post..News in the World of Advertising: Beer Ads are Becoming Viral

  5. Ngayon ko lang din nabasa na patay na pala si Daboy- :( Kawawa naman si Lorna at mga anak. May he rest in peace at salamat pala sa information- an eye opener.

    Oo nga pla, I found your site thru google search.

    Salamat po :)


    jessie reply on June 9th, 2008:


    Thanks for dropping by. I hope to see you here again. :-)

    jessie’s last blog post..The Gemini: Know the Zodiac Sign, Personality and Characteristics

  6. Rest in peace Rudy. A tribute has been created in his honor. Leave your memories of films and his life. And also share photos.

  7. I’m so deeply sad to know that Daboy is gone. All the more reasons are their love for each other (Lorna and Rudy). It would not be easy for Lorna to live without him. Time only knows how she can deal with her sorrow. I hope for those people who are fond of smoking, please! think twice….you’ll suffer all the consequences not only you but your friends, lovedones and families.You should be worried about the PERI-AMPULLARY CANCER if you are presently smoking. Daboy could have stayed longer with his families and friends I hope he will still look after Lorna and the kids…..tell him I LOVE YOU…while he’s still in front of you.

    My deepest condolence to Lorna and the whole family. I’ll be praying for him Take care. God bless!


    jessie reply on June 9th, 2008:

    Grace, thanks for dropping by and saying your piece for Rudy Fernandez. :-)

    jessie’s last blog post..The Gemini: Know the Zodiac Sign, Personality and Characteristics

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  9. Oh my god! Peri-ampullary cancer is really horrifying. My dad died of peri-ampullary cancer a year ago. now it’s Rudy Fernandez who succumbed to peri-ampullary cancer at a very young age. Poor Lorna Tolentino. Sayang si Daboy. Ampogi pa naman nya.

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