KC Concepcion is Sizzling Hot in a Bikini

KC Concepcion, the daughter of Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta, is the only crush I have in Philippine showbiz. KC Concepcion has always been one reason why my wife wants to turn off the TV whenever her commercials are on air.

I have also mentioned to other blogger-friends how I admire KC Concepcion‘s beautiful face, sexy body and kind heart (she’s a United Nations Ambassador, for your info). She’s highly involved in socio-civic activities and other charitable works. KC Concepcion can be any man’s dream. Recently, she was voted “Number 4 Most Beautiful Woman in Philippine showbiz”. She’s hot, sexy, beautiful, talented and rich :-)

KC Concepcion is really one sexy Pinay inside and out. With a face like her dad, Gabby Concepcion, KC has such a killer smile and an oozing sex appeal. If you want to find out why KC Concepcion is my crush, then take a look at these sexy pictures/photos. Click to enlarge (KC wearing a bikini was removed by the site admin, sorry).



And I can only wish I can see her in real life wearing those bikinis. :-)

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24 Comments on “KC Concepcion is Sizzling Hot in a Bikini”

  1. Showbiz ka na brother? akala ko nasa PEP site ako hahaha. Ganda nga ni KC bagay kami. lols

    Ambo’s last blog post..Pinay Wives Available Online?

    jessie reply on April 9th, 2008:


    Wag mo naman akong agawan, kapatid. Hahaha! Mga Ambisyoso!!!

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    Ambo reply on April 9th, 2008:

    Share na lang tayo hahahaha.

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  2. master,puntahan mo sa studio ng ABS-CBN para makita mo sya hehehehe! She is really beautiful…

    bregie’s last blog post..personality test

  3. Susumbong kita kuya jessie, hahahahaha.. lagot kay ate..

    Joliber mapiles’s last blog post..I’m back with New Lay-out and Must Read Articles

  4. Joliber,

    Quiet ka lang. hihihi! Sana hindi nya pakelaman tong blog ko at malamang mabasa nya tong post kong ito.

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  5. lol! di ba may half-sister sya na maganda din? to talaga si Gabby, and ganda-ganda ng mga anak.

    pero the more i look at her face, para na syang si loren. haha

    lazarus’s last blog post..Termites And Troubles

  6. Talagang maganda si KC. Actually big fan nya din ako since nag start sya mag model for HUMAN clothing line. In fact, talagang bumili ako ng magazine wherein nauna syang na feature before her debute. Mas sisikat pa yan sa mom nya hehehehe… lalo na now ginagawa na bagong album nya under SONY records.

    bregie’s last blog post..personality test

  7. Woman, i feel like a man ang feeling ko, hahaa! I like her, too. Down-to-earth kasi and kind-hearted ang babaeng ito.

    drizel reply on August 30th, 2008:

    grabe ang ganda nya

  8. Mhy,

    Oo nga kaya andaming nai-in love dyan kay KC Concepcion.

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    jessie reply on April 10th, 2008:


    talagang maganda ang breed ni Gabby Concepcion. nasa genes nila.

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  9. hello kuya jes.. am back na..
    kala ko di mo to blog..i thought showbiz blog to.. hahahaha.. in fairness she’s really beautiful and has grown into an amazing person.. i read an article about her in a magazine sa airport..she looked fabulous in her photos.. hahay..

    twinks’s last blog post..Twinks is BACK guyz! :]

    jessie reply on April 10th, 2008:


    Ako rin muntik ko nang di makilala tong blog ko. Hahaha!

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  10. I agree with you Jess. I’m a girl but I have crush on her toinks! I really admire that perfect beauty of KC. Lucky girl blessed with everything.

    jps61974 reply on April 10th, 2008:


    Oo nga, KC Concepcion practically has everything. Lucky girl, sobra.

  11. She is beautiful -Is that enough

    shanker bakshi’s last blog post..The Truth According To Wikipedia

  12. grabe, natitibo ako ky KC.. super ganda nya.. pg nppnood ko xa, kinikilig ako.. hehehe..

  13. ur such a loser
    u think everybody like’s you because you are the daughter of mega star…we love your mom but sorry we dont like you because you are so mayabang and feeler..if your name will involve in any situation you will act very over acting you think you are perfected!but in my eyes youre very pity…i think you need prayer!bye

  14. hi miss kc.. take care po lage..


    god bless you..

  15. errol the great on January 30th, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    i love you kc muntik na kitang mahalin sa panaginip ko!!!

  16. sino nga pala father ng aborted baby ni kc? rico blanco or his ex- korean BF? wildy wildy….

  17. Ha? Nagpalaglag ba talaga si KC Concepcion???

  18. KC is a decent girl…all the rumored things like the video on hayden and the abortion issue…i think that,s not true…you don’t have any proof…inggit lang kau s knya at mhrap mg-judge ng tao,k!