Hot Pinay Scandals

Pinay scandals on the internet net are too many to count. Pinay scandals grow like mushrooms on a rainy season in mid-August in the Philippines. Ironically, they’re hot and just like mushrooms, they sell pretty well in the market. Call it mundane for those active online. Pinay scandals have become more common than Pinoys ever expected and wanted some 5 years ago. Thanks to modern technology, a scandal is now easier to create. Videos and sexy photos can be transferred virally through cellphones’ infrared and Bluetooth capabilities.

Video cams and digital cameras can also come in handy in creating private videos and capturing nude pictures of Pinays and any other woman in that manner. This makes private videos and photos of Pinays easier to propagate and download. Almost everyone has access to these materials particularly on the internet because countless sites give them away for free. Most Pinay scandals are free. Many celebrity scandals are also free to download (pictures/photos and videos). I have seen the videos and sexy photos of celebrities here and abroad which include Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian, and many more. Pinay scandals I have seen are those of Jennylyn Mercado, Maureen Larrazabal, Anjanette Abayari and many nameless Pinays especially teenagers from all over the Philippines.

But what has the image of the modern-day Filipina become after countless Pinay scandals proliferated? What has the world thought of our values as a people? Celebrity scandals are no exception to this showing our native showbiz personalities in their private moments with their respective partners in the nude or in raunchy positions.

The internet is a really good source of information but it doesn’t necessarily can provide you with the best results. Scandals are just some of the crap that it can spill out on the screen. And hey, a lot of people have already made and continue to make huge amounts of money on them. But at what expense? At the expense of our women?

Pinay scandals have remained truly hot on the internet and many people have benefited from showing other people’s private parts particularly Pinays. But maybe this is how internet business really works. Businessmen just keep capitalizing on women as a commodity. Men are also used but not as much as women as models. Internet marketing really is a lucrative business. The only question is the type of commodity that online businessmen sell.

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4 Comments on “Hot Pinay Scandals”

  1. scandals are like train wrecks are to the news. the news broadcast misery all the time for ratings, scandals do the same on the web. Is it right, Not in my opinion but unfortunately it happens

    asia’h epperson’s last blog post..Asia’h Epperson | Finalists In Top 9

    jps61974 reply on April 5th, 2008:

    You’re right, unfortunately. :-(

  2. Soo sad for that really. Pinays are degraded but still lots of foriegners want to marry Pinay..Maybe because Pinay are not like how white acts. Still Pinay are fascinating to them. Agree?
    When it comes to hot scandals people are crazy to search, discover , pay which only prove that the World of Men is polluted with… Not generally but mostly.

    Joy’s last blog post..Artificial sperm may make men redundant

  3. Joy,

    Korek ka dyan amiga. :-) Pinays are really good choices as lifetime partners. Pinays are good wives (in general).

    jessie’s last blog post..OFWGuide’s Advisories Concerning Employment to Egypt, Israel, Spain and Korea