FHM Faces Competition in Pinoy Playboy Magazine

The bunnies of Playboy Magazine are coming to the Philippines, err…, it’s the other way around. The bunnies of the Philippines will invade the famous Playboy Magazine franchise as Pinoy Playboy launched recently in the country. The Pinoy Playboy editorial staff claimed however that the famous men’s magazine will contain no nude photos, only sexy ones.

FHM Philippines now faces a new competition in the field of printed media designed for adults. FHM is not actually threatened for having established it’s own name and packaging. This development, however, will only test the preference of the target market since Pinoy Playboy boasts of a different packaging.

On the other hand, some sectors of the country is against the entry of Playboy in the Philippines. The Catholic church is one, to name a few. Some women’s group also expressed concerns over this since Pinoy Playboy will only add to the growing number of adult reading materials fearing that the morality of the Filipino people will only get worse.

Pinoy Playboy, however, has no comment on this knowing their rights to publish articles or materials that is allowed by law. Sex sells, we know. But the implication of the Pinoy Playboy could really affect the minds of readers especially the young ones. Some of you may question what the effects could be. I guess the answer is pretty obvious.

I know some of you do not favor this. You may express your own concern about the publication of Pinoy Playboy in the Philippines through your comments. The author will deeply appreciate your personal views about this matter.

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4 Comments on “FHM Faces Competition in Pinoy Playboy Magazine”

  1. Wholesome ako, ayokong ma-abuse ang beauty ko by posing sexy sa Playboy, hahahaha! ANg kapal ko, hehehe! Joke! Joke! Joke!

    Well, i think being sexy depends on how you look at it. For me, one can look very sexy even if she has too many clothes on. Attaching Playboy with morality I think is a different matter. If they are going to publish only “sexy” pics, i don’t think it would be immoral. Publishing nude photos and the like is a big no! no! If they are governed by the same law governing FHM, i don’t think there are reasons to fear and create such fuss with Playboy entering the Philppines’ magazine stands.

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    jps61974 reply on April 4th, 2008:


    I’m also wholesome pero parang feel kong mag-pose dyan sa Pinoy Playboy na yan. lol!

  2. Me wholesome too but I can dare to bare toinks toinks! Oh my country really a trying hard copycat. Mr Simbulan mag hunos dili ka hehe if you have the guts start it here wahehehehe..Show off the muscles and abs here. Ano ba yung sinabi ko..Peace Jess!

    jps61974 reply on April 4th, 2008:


    Naku, fren. Wala akong pwedeng ipakita. “Gitara” meron. Hahahaha! Yang Pinoy Playboy na yan eh basically girls/women ang models nila eh.